Sixteen cylinders and almost 1,000 hp in a pint-sized hatchback – how does that sound?

For petrolheads who have lived through the '80s, or at least have a family member who loves cars within that period, you've probably heard of Yugo hatchback. It was notoriously popular back then, for better or worse, and got quite a reputation for its lackluster design and reliability. Despite that, however, over 140,000 Yugo hatchbacks were sold in the United States from 1985 to 1992, peaking in 1987 with almost 50,000 units sold.

But the Yugo in this story isn't any humble Yugo you'll see on the road (if you'll still see one). Apart from the widened body and Corvette wheels installed, this Yugo hides a special, or rather two, power plants inside its body.

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Yes, as the headline states, this Yugo runs on two Cadillac Eldorado V8 engines – one installed in the front and one in the trunk. With a 10:1 compression ratio on both engines employed, displacement for each is at 8.2 Liters, allowing it to produce 480 horsepower (358 kilowatts). Combined, the total power output for this Yugo nears 1,000 hp, sent to all four wheels. How does that sound for a puny hatchback?

Now, a bit of precaution, though. The base motor for this build is the one at the back. With a single cooling system installed that's shared by both engines, the owner of the car doesn't recommend firing both mills up all the time. You will need to settle for the rear V8 engine for your daily drives, and that doesn't sound bad, does it?

Do you know what's great about this build? It's currently on sale on Facebook Marketplace for $25,500. It's a ridiculous build, yes, but you won't pretty much see another Yugo this powerful ever again.

If you're wondering how this Yugo hatchback performs in an autocross, watch the video embedded on top of this page and jump to around the 10-minute mark. Enjoy.

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