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Fiat has been paying homage to the 500's retro looks for years, including recently introducing a new electric version of the little hatchback. The nostalgia is nice, but a new rendering imagines Fiat's designers evoking another important model: the 126.

The 126 debuted in 1972 as the replacement for the 500, although that famous model didn't actually retire until 1975. Production lasted until 2000, and over 4.7 million of them hit the road by that time. The vehicle was especially popular in Poland where the Polski-Fiat company handled assembly of the 126p. The 126 mobilised the masses there and earned the affectionate nickname maluch, which means dwarf in English. They were also popular in the former Yugoslavia, where Zastava built the machine.

Gallery: Polski Fiat 126p

So why not take advantage of the large number of 126 fans and create a new one? The new electric platform from the 500e seems like a perfect opportunity. VW already demonstrates how it could work with the ID. Buzz looking like the old Transporter and the ID. Buggy Concept

Our graphic designer thought about what a new 126 could look like, and the result is wonderful. Like the original, it has an elegant simplicity but incorporates smoother lines. The unadorned front end could be especially striking with modern LEDs. Fiat should think about reviving the 126; after all, the new electric platform would be an even better investment by building more vehicles using it.

Let's take a closer look at the Fiat 500 Electric: It is 11.8 feet (3.63 metres long), and the batteries have a capacity of 42 kilowatt-hours, which is sufficient for a range of around 199 miles (320 kilometres) in the WLTP test.

Gallery: Fiat 126 Electric

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