The Factory Five F9R is the upcoming supercar that you can build in your garage, and a new video shows off the latest state of the vehicle's development by providing a glimpse of the first completed carbon fiber body. It's a striking shape with the classic coupe aesthetic of combining a long nose and a short, sloping rear deck.

The F9R's styling comes from Jim Schenck and Saleen S7 designer Phil Frank. The front comes to a sharp point, and there's a big splitter. Massive extractors are at the front of the hood. Steeply raked A-pillars create a low roof. The louvers on the rear window are a retro touch. While not visible here, a huge wing will be an option. The carbon fiber body would come with a clear coat finish so that builders wouldn't need to paint it.

Gallery: Factory Five F9R First Body

The vehicle rides on a 104-inch wheelbase (2,642 millimeters) and measures 78 inches (1,981 millimeters) wide. The overall height is just 46 inches (1,168 millimeters). Inside, there's room for two people, and the trunk appears to offer enough room for a weekend getaway's worth of bags.

The F9R will ride on Factory Five's latest spaceframe chassis. The company will make it capable of accepting a variety of Ford and Chevrolet crate engines. If you want to build the meanest version, then the vehicle can also handle Race Cast Engineering's LS-derived, 9.5-liter V12 naturally-aspirated powerplant making 750 horsepower (559 kilowatts) and 700 pound-feet (949 Newton-meters) of torque

Factory Five intends to have the F9R on sale in late 2020 or the first quarter of 2021. A cost for the vehicle isn't yet available.

Gallery: Factory Five F9R

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