With its low, raked windscreen, bucket seats, and minimal folding top, the original Porsche 356 Speedster became an instant hit when it was launched in 1954, especially in some parts of the United States. Just a few thousand of these were built on a unibody construction, which made restoration difficult. Basically, this means there are probably just a few hundreds of the original cars still in existence and each one of them costs a little fortune. 

If you really want a 356 Speedster but are not willing to spend close to one million American dollars, there’s a very interesting offer coming from the United Kingdom. It’s called the Iconic Autobody 387 Speedster and, as its name implies, is based on the second generation Boxster and features a heavily modified body inspired by the original 365 Speedster.

Gallery: Iconic Autobody 387 Speedster

A new video from the JayEmm on Cars channel on YouTube shines more light on the car and we were delighted to hear the build quality of the product is actually very good. The presenter explains that all the exterior panels fit nicely and the footage shows the panel gaps are indeed perfect. The paint job is also said to be of high quality.

In contrast to the completely rebuilt exterior, the interior of the car has been left partly original. However, there’s a period-correct combination of brown leather and retro-styled fabric. The good news is the car is actually still very good to drive and that’s thanks to the Boxster’s good chassis and engine.

The company that produces these 356 Speedster replicas currently has one for sale and it’s exactly the car that’s featured in the video. It’s listed for £69,995 (approximately $89,100 at the current exchange rates) and if you’d rather have one built to your specification, it’ll set you back about £65,000 ($80,000) plus a donor car.

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