The idea of a second Bugatti model has festered for the better part of a decade. In 2009, the company teased the four-door 16C Galibier, though the model quickly entered a developmental hell that it could never escape. Its demise is well-documented. What hasn’t been widely reported is another Bugatti model that almost saw the light of day – the two-door, front-mid-engine Bugatti Atlantic. There’s a new video from Supercar Blondie that gets up close with the secret model, showing off the striking design, gorgeous interior, and unique powertrain setup.

Unlike the Chiron, the secretive Atlantic forgoes Bugatti’s rear mid-engine layout for a front mid-engine one. Also gone is Bugatti’s W16 engine, replaced by either a twin-turbocharged V8 – with the gearbox at the rear – or an all-electric powertrain with four electric motors. It would have been cheaper than the Chiron, too, with Bugatti borrowing from the VW Group parts bin to keep costs under control.

However, while the powertrain may have bucked tradition, the Atlantic’s design is still 100-percent Bugatti. It pays homage to the iconic Type 57 – that’s why there’s a noticeable centerline down the modern-day Atlantic, just like the Type 57 that had such a line that riveted the body panels together. The most striking feature of the Atlantic is the butterfly doors and trick rear hatch.

Gallery: Bugatti Atlantic

Inside, the Atlantic looks a lot like the Chiron’s with a similar steering wheel and instrument cluster. One striking difference is the instrument panel/center console, which is thin while also featuring a flow-through design and infotainment screen.

The Atlantic in the video looks ready for production, though Bugatti never got the green light to go ahead with production. Bugatti was developing the Atlantic as VW’s Dieselgate scandal broke, putting many projects on hold. Sadly, that included the Atlantic.

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