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A member of the Mach-E Club forum had the opportunity to interview Jason Mase the boss of the Ford Electrification Marketing Strategy, and the discussion provided some new details about the much-anticipated electric crossover. For example, deliveries to Europe begin first, before the EV comes to the United States. Americans have to wait for the fourth quarter of 2020 for the vehicles to arrive, but all 50 states should get them at that time. The First Edition, Select, California Route 1, and Premium models would be available at that time. The GT Performance grade comes in 2021.

Anyone who has a reservation for the Mach-E has a confirmed spot in line to get the EV. According to the Mach-E Club forum member interview, the next step is for Ford to contact these folks and turn them into actual orders. This also involves fully specifying the vehicle.

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Ford intends to sell and lease the Mach-E in traditional ways, but buyers would also have a third option, according to this interview. The plan would function like a lease by letting you return the vehicle at the end of the period, but it gives the option of claiming the federal EV tax incentive in different ways. A person could either apply the money to the monthly payment or claim the funds later when filing taxes.

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The good news about the Mach-E is that, according to Mase, the version of the vehicle from the debut is what's entering production. The company is apparently happy with the initial reaction and doesn't see a reason to change things.

Mach-E will be available with a variety of powertrains, including 255-, 282-, 332-, and 459-hp outputs. Depending on the setup, the vehicle's estimated range is between 210 miles and 300 miles. Prices range between $44,895 and $65,500.

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