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Production for the new mid-engined Corvette is finally underway, with Chevrolet making an official announcement showing the first production C8 coming off the assembly line as of February 3.

First Production 2020 Corvette

However, this Instagram post dated a week ago from beezee522 shows no less than 25 Corvettes sitting in a yard, apparently wearing pre-delivery coverings while awaiting shipment. If 2020 Corvette production just started today, what are we looking at here?


According to Corvette Blogger, there are different theories as to what these models actually are. The report claims Chevrolet has been building new Corvettes for the last couple of months, though they aren’t customer-ordered vehicles. These would be a small production run built after the run of test fleet vehicles but before full-on production of cars that have been ordered. Technically they would be production cars with proper VINs, but not ordered by specific dealerships. The report goes on to suggest these cars might be used by Chevrolet as some kind of stimulus deal, with high-volume dealerships getting three extra cars to sell. Other dealerships could receive one.

Chevrolet Corvette
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Another theory suggests these Corvettes are the aforementioned test fleet vehicles awaiting shipment to, well, somewhere. The video clearly shows seats wrapped in what looks like pre-delivery plastic, however, which suggests these cars are headed to dealerships. Lastly, production may have actually started a week or two prior, and for reasons unknown, Chevrolet decided to make February 3 the official first day.

In any case, the first chapter of the C8 Corvette is nearly over. From its decades-in-the-making reveal last July to the first cars destined for dealerships, it’s been a whirlwind experience for Corvette fans and the motoring community. What will chapter two hold? We suspect a Z06 is right around the corner, and from there, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires.

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