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Chevrolet already introduced us to the new Suburban and Tahoe. Now, we have official word from Cadillac that the next-generation Escalade will be revealed February 4 at a special event in Los Angeles. will be there for all the pomp and circumstance.

Though taking place on the West Coast, the reveal is just a few days ahead of the 2020 Chicago Auto Show which opens to the public on February 8. With the big Detroit show now slated for June instead of January, there’s good reason to believe the Windy City will mark the first public appearance for Cadillac’s iconic livin-large luxury SUV.

Cadillac Escalade
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That said, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. GM’s next-generation full-size SUV platform offers independent rear suspension, which should translate to better ride quality. On the Suburban and Tahoe, the revamped underpinnings also create a bit more interior space and a lower floor for easier loading. The Chevrolet models also gain a few inches to both the wheelbase and overall length, and the clone-close Escalade should follow suit.

Thanks to recently leaked images we also know how the big Caddy will look. The profile obviously resembles the Suburban and Tahoe, with trim accents and wheels setting the Escalade apart. The front clip sees narrow headlights similar to the Chevrolet models, along with a massive Caddy grille brandishing what could be the largest Cadillac crest we’ve ever seen.

The real questions will come with the Escalade’s new greenhouse and the technology that lies within, and that’s where we don’t have much information to share. An interior view was among the recently leaked photos, and while we could see much, it appears the Escalade will have a distinctive design versus the Chevrolet twins. A digital instrument cluster – an optional item for the new Suburban and Tahoe – will likely be standard equipment here.

Whether or not the GMC Yukon debuts before or after the Escalade remains to be seen. In any case, you’ll definitely see the Cadillac on February 4.

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