In today’s world of intense market research, and endless terabytes of consumer data, car companies are very good at building vehicles customers want to buy. But somehow BMW still doesn’t build an M3 wagon and that’s a shame. Luckily one BMW enthusiast decided to build the M3 wagon of our dreams, and the results are expectedly stunning. 

The F80 M3 was a controversial M3 from its debut in 2014 until its production run ended in 2019. Many fans noted muted steering, spikey power delivery, and a ballooning price tag that was hard to stomach. Flaws aside, however, the F80 M3 was the most powerful M3 ever built. Maybe if BMW gave us a wagon version the F80 would’ve been received better? I certainly think so.

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When it comes to fast cars, everything is suddenly better in a wagon. I bet reviewers would’ve loved to drift a wagon that used the M3’s torquey straight-6 and thrown awards at BMW for building the best M3 ever. Sadly, that’s a reality that only exists in my subconscious and at the Eventuri booth at SEMA 2019. 

The last generation 3-Series wagon body style was known as the F81. Sander, the creator of this stunning M3 Wagon had a simple idea that many of us would’ve never acted on, let’s buy a crashed M3 and put the good stuff into an F81 3-Series Wagon. 

Sander didn’t just buy any crashed F80 M3. He found a totaled F80 M3 CS and went to work. The M3 CS used a more powerful 453 horsepower straight-6 and had a starting price of $98,250. The base M3 had to make do with only 425 horsepower so this significant bump in power is welcomed.

An F81 BMW wagon with the exterior and interior of an M3 is stunning. The aggressive front end and widened fenders look right at home on this wagon we wish BMW built in large numbers. Sadly, this wagon is a 1 of 1 and a reminder that we need more fast wagons.

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