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Once again, the BMW X2 PHEV is on the road with seemingly no camouflage – at least at first glance. This one wears an eye-catching paint color in a dark hue of yellow. 

This X2 PHEV looks practically identical to the non-plug-in version, except for a charging panel that's just ahead of the driver's door. The Hybrid Test Vehicle decals also reveal that this is the electrified version.

If you're looking for the camouflage, look at the foglights below the headlights. These are actually just decals. The white car in the gallery above wears the production-spec front end with a revised lower fascia and different inlets in the corners in comparison to the existing version.

While there are no shots of the interior, don't expect the designers to make any major changes in comparison to the existing X2 models. Some interior trim might be different, and there would probably an extra gauge display for showing the status of the hybrid system.

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The X2 PHEV reportedly uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels, and an electric motor turns the rear axle. Based on this powertrain in other vehicles, expect the setup to produce 231 horsepower (170 kilowatts) and 282 pound-feet (382 Newton-meters) while running through a six-speed automatic. The production model would likely wear the xDrive25e moniker.

Oddly, the last set of spy shots from September 2019 also showed the X2 PHEV that didn't seem to be wearing any camouflage. At the time, we speculated that a debut was likely soon. The model still hasn't arrived, though. Look for an unveiling in 2020.

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