A rare Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing was crashed by a mechanic during a test drive.

The 300SL's owner took his classic car for a check-up to Mechatronics which is a shop specialized in working on vintage and high-end Mercedes-Benz models. A 26-year-old mechanic was in charge and after finalizing the job he took it for a test drive (along with a 19-year-old apprentice) to see how it works.

Due to excessive speed, the driver lost control of the 300SL which eventually left the road and rolled, but luckily the people inside escaped without any serious injuries. However, repairing the car will cost an estimated 650,000 EUR (833,500 USD or 549,000 GBP). The vehicle and Mechatronics have enough insurance to cover the damages, but right now it's unknown if the driver will have to pay for the repairs.

Thanks to Matthias for the tip!

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