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If you are an owner of a Ford F-150 or plan to become one soon, it’s probably been a good summer. A few dealer-installed visual and performance packages appeared earlier this year and then, last week, America’s favorite truck got a factory lift kit. Now, a company called Hyperformance has announced a partnership with Corning to offer its customers a new windshield for the F-150. Nothing too exciting so far, right? Hold on.

For the starting price of $899,95, Hyperformance now has on sale a Gorilla Glass windshield. This is the same glass you’ll find on the screen of your mobile device and it’s basically indestructible. It’s the perfect upgrade for the F-150 considering the best-selling nameplate in the United States is often used as a workhorse, which means it’s vulnerable to rock chips or even cracks

“While traditional windshields use heat-tempered glass, Corning uses chemically tempered glass that is more flexible, durable, thin, light, with less distortion.”

Well, that’s a lot of money for a windshield. But, as our friends at Roadshow point out, if you have to replace the standard factory windshield of your truck more than once, the $900 starting price (without installation) starts to look reasonable. Hyperformance’s offering comes with a two-year breakage warranty.

Corning is now distributing the sixth generation Gorilla Glass, which is thinner, lighter, and more damage-resistant than its predecessors. The sheet glass is primarily used as a cover glass for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones, portable media players, portable computer displays, and even television screens. It is manufactured in Kentucky, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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