Have you ever wondered what would happen if you decide to give your car a thorough wash with an actual fire hose? If not, well, we're here to show you anyway. In typical Russian fashion, Garage 54, a YouTube channel dedicated to all forms of quirky experiments, has decided that their recently paint-balled Lada needs an extreme cleaning. We kinda dig the "rustic meets abstract" art style the car currently has going on, but a dirty car is a dirty car. 

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Unfortunately, the initial attempts at utilizing some murky lake water to wash off the dried pain stains failed. Who would have thought? Thankfully, a friendly group of neighborhood firefighters just happened to be driving by at this opportune time, and were more thank happy to assist in dealing with such a predicament. It's a chance to help out a stranger, plus some practice behind a fire hose always helps develop firefighting skill. Besides, it looked like a slow day. Yes, these firefighters are actual firefighters, and not members of the same YouTube channel in costume. 

Their weapon of choice for stubborn car stains? A firetruck mounted cistern that holds up to 1,320 gallons of water, and has the ability to pump out 10.5 gallons of water per second. For reference, according to the host, their water pump in the garage does about 1.8 gallons per minute. It actually takes two people to wrestle the fire hose and keep the aim straight at the car. Initial results are good, as the paint stains are blasted away easily. Unfortunately, the window lining, wipers, side mirrors, and basically every trim piece on the exposed side of the car was blasted away, too.

Oh, and the immense pressure generated by the water means that all those seals around the windows and doors mean nothing, so expect a pool to form in your cabin. Did we mention that they were able to bust a window, leading to more interior soaked goodness? All that's missing is some soap. Watch the video above for a good laugh. 


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