It looks like Aston Martin is going to have to rename their super car. The model was introduced as the "One-77" because a total of 77 units were being made available to purchase, but "One-76" may be a more appropriate name after this model was practically destroyed in a crash.

The incident occurred in Hong Kong and was the result of the driver hitting a kerb at high speed. Reports have stated there were no other cars involved in the crash and thankfully no-one was injured.

The majority of the damage seems to be superficial, however, with the One-77's carbon fiber monocoque body structure and handcrafted aluminum exterior, replacement parts might not be ready for shipping to the local body shop. If salvageable, this vehicle may have to make a special trip to Aston Martin to be rebuilt, and considering the costs involved beyond parts and labor, it could very well be wiser for the insurance company to write the €1 million One-77 off.