When it comes to camping, some people prefer to go all-in while others seek a less obvious, compact approach. This Nissan NV200 falls into the latter category, but it offers camping features with a modular twist. Rather than being outfitted as dedicated RV, the camping gear can be easily removed so the NV200 can get on with its original mission of being a work van. In simple terms, this is a two-for-one deal – work vehicle during the week and a cozy camper for weekend getaways to new places. Hence the name Free Bird.

This nifty converta-camper is a product of Caravan Outfitter, based in the Pacific Northwest just north of Seattle, Washington. Technically, the Free Bird is sold thorough Campbell Nissan and is actually available to finance pretty much the same as you would a normal NV200. The difference here, obviously, is the extra gear that allows you to camp with everything from a mini-fridge to a butane stove, small table, and a legit full-size bed.

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This is accomplished through slide-in modules that attach to a track installed in the back of the van. The modules add storage space, a floor to mount the table, and kitchen gear including the small refrigerator. All combined, the modules and table create a raised flat floor that cushions sit on for the big bed.  Yes, there’s a bit of assembly required to set it up, and you can’t relax in bed without tearing down the table, but there’s no denying the Free Bird’s versatility.

Speaking of which, other items included in the upfit are a bit more permanent. Window curtains easily roll down, and there’s a roof fan for added ventilation. A separate deep-cycle battery is wired in to provide power for the refrigerator, LED lights, and USB outlets, and the van can be plugged in at campgrounds as well. There’s even an optional external awning that can create a shaded outdoor space.

In a press release, Caravan Outfitter says the inspiration for the Free Bird came from the old Volkswagen Westfalia. We can certainly see that in the efficient use-of-space, and as a work van, the NV200 is a bit more interesting appearance-wise than most.

The 2019 Free Bird is available for preorder now, with pricing starting at $37,165.

Source: Caravan Outfitter

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