Cool cars are a universal language, and the passion for collecting them is equally universal. From Dubai to Detroit, gearheads unite in camaraderie when hoods are popped and the paint is shiny, and this amazing collection in Mexico is a perfect example. YouTuber Shmee150 had occasion to visit the exquisite garage of Don Huayra, a person who’s apparently of some mystery in the Mexican automotive scene. Honestly, we’re not even sure if that’s his real name, but we are sure he has a very real – and very diverse – collection of awesome machines.

We’ve seen cool collections jam packed with Italian exotics, or ultra-exclusive hypercars. This garage has plenty of that, but it’s also thick with something not often seen outside the United States – epic American iron. By that, we’re not just talking about Mustangs or Corvettes, and we’re a bit surprised to see Shmee’s automotive knowledge falter just a bit in this area. We’re happy to fill in the gaps as he passes by a row of vintage Chevrolet Impala convertibles, capped on the end with a teal 1957 Chevy Bel Air that’s about as iconic as you can get for 1950’s Americana.

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That is, until you step over to the opposing row for the row of classic Cadillacs, including a pink 1959 Eldorado convertible with the bullet taillights in the fins that pretty much became the world's poster car for luxury in the late 1950s. Curiously, those Caddys are sandwiched in a row of cars that starts with a Lamborghini Diablo and ends with a Fisker Karma electric sedan. If that’s not eclectic enough, Shmee talks about the BMW i8 parked directly in front of the Fisker, but skips over the gorgeous 1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7 convertible next to it. That’s okay; the Cougar isn’t as famous as Mustangs and Corvettes from the era.

Admittedly, we suspect most people are more interested in the supercars anyway, and there are some delectable rides in this garage. Among them is an actual Huayra, parked next to a matching black Bugatti Chiron. That row also includes a pair of McLarens, a Ford GT, and perhaps the coolest ride of them all, a one-of-one Koenigsegg that’s absolutely stunning.

This collection reminds us that borders and nationalities don’t matter when it comes to the common language of horsepower.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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