Audi expands the Traffic Light Information system in its Connect Prime technology suite to include what the automaker calls Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory. The tech communicates with the infrastructure in certain cities to let drivers know exactly when the light is about to change and tells drivers what speed they should go to hit a green light.

Audi's Traffic Light Information system receives signals from the central traffic system in participating cities. The center of the instrument cluster shows the phase of the upcoming traffic light and tells the driver how long until it changes. According to the automaker, the tech reduces driver stress because there's no longer a question about whether a green light is about to turn red, and there's no anxiety about how much longer you might be sitting at a red light.

In addition to introducing the new system, Audi also brings the functionality to four new cities: Denver, Colorado; White Plains, New York; Gainesville, Florida; and Orlando, Florida. 

Audi has been developing the Traffic Light Information system for several years, including previewing it at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2014. The company began offering the initial version of the tech in 2016, but the feature only worked in Las Vegas at the time.

A subscription to Audi Connect Prime costs $199 for six months for $499 for 18 months. It comes with a six-month initial trial. In addition to the Traffic Light Information system, the service includes a connection to advise drivers of fuel prices, travel info, and parking information. Google Earth and Google Voice Search are part of the benefits, too. If you're worried about other folks driving your Audi, then Connect Prime has Geofencing, Speed Alert, Valet Alert, and Curfew Alert.

Source: Audi

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