The Hummer brand hasn’t been around since 2010. That's means you'll have to peruse the used market if you want a road-going humvee. But why settle for something used when you can take home a military-spec version of the iconic off-roader instead? The aptly named Mil-Spec Automotive is offering its own custom version of the Hummer H1 – but it won't be cheap.

The build started as a frame-off restoration. Mil-Spec then increased the track width by eight inches, finished the body in a unique "After-Burner Grey" paint job, and shoved a 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8 under the hood. The new engine produces 500 horsepower (372 kilowatts) and 1,000 pound-feet (1,355 Newton-meters) of torque.

Mil-Spec Automotive Hummer M1
Mil-Spec Automotive Hummer M1

The cabin gets a full makeover, too. Hand-stitched, waterproof, marine-grade leather covers the front and rear seats and portions of the center console. A fully custom dash and surround sound system complete bespoke tailored materials top off the look. Each vehicle is handbuilt at the Mil-Spec shop in Wichita, Kansas, and available in a number of configurations.

Four-door hardtop pickup, four-door hardtop slant back, four-door hardtop wagon, four-door hardtop SUV, and two-door hardtop extended pickup packages are available. The most-expensive option is the four-door hardtop SUV, which requires an extra $28,999 on top of the asking price. Out of the box, the Mil-Spec M1 asks around $200,000 before options – the M1 Launch Edition pictured here is a bit pricier, though.

Truck stuff:

Number #003 of the run – and the first example offered to the public – the M1 Launch Edition features a $13,999 four-door hardtop pickup configuration with a $5,499 bold body and tire package, and a $699 aluminum offset snorkel. Total asking price for the M1 Launch Edition is $239,000.

Source: Mil-Spec Automotive

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