Porsche is on a roll in making waves this week – it released a tribute video for its 70th year anniversary, which is kind of touching, by the way. The company also celebrated a milestone at the dreaded Nürburging, with the 919 Evo smoking the all-time record at the Green Hell, lapping 5 minutes and 19.55 seconds on the hands of Timo Bernhard. To add, the previous record was 6 minutes and 11.13 seconds by another Porsche, a 956 C by Stefan Bellof.

The new Lord of the ‘Ring:

Now, Porsche looks back at another legendary model that ruled the roads in the ‘90s. We’re talking about the 911 GT1 Evo, which was born out of homologation process brought about by FIA’s special rules.

In the video released by Porsche, you could see a brief history of the 911 GT1. The first mid-engined 911 was born to challenge the reborn Gran Turismo racing, through the BPR Global GT Series. The 911 GT1 was slated towards supercars competing in the said top level race, which have mainstay nameplates like the heavily modified versions of the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40.

However, in order to qualify, FIA wants Porsche to build road-legal versions of the cars. This led the company to create 21 units of the 911 GT1 and called them the 911 GT1 Evolution. The road-legal versions was powered by a 544-horsepower biturbo V6 boxer engine, with a peak speed of 310 kilometers per hour (193 miles per hour).

The success of the 911 GT1 extends to the race track in 1998 by finishing first and second at the GT1 class of the 24 hours of Le Mans. It was a successful run for the 911 GT1 nameplate, a great addition to the Porsche heritage.

Source: Porsche via Youtube

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