In the build-up to the world reveal of the G-Class at the Detroit Auto Show in January, Mercedes took the teasing game to a whole new level. It used an original G from the off-roader’s first model year and dipped it in resin to create a special art piece dubbed “The Amber Cube” that made use of 40,708 liters of epoxy resin. It weighed a hefty 52 tons with the transport rack included or 46 tons with the underframe.

The “sculpture” featuring a trapped 1979 280 GE required 90 days of work and measured a little over 18 feet long (5.5 meters), 8.4 feet wide (2.55 meters), and stood approximately 10.5 feet tall (3.10 meters). Once completed, G-Class embedded in amber sending out a strong Jurassic Park vibe had to embark on a trip from Hamburg to Detroit by covering a little over 4,000 miles to attend the North American International Auto Show.

Discover the new G-Class:

Now, Mercedes has released a video that goes behind the scenes of the world's biggest installation of synthetic resin, requiring a whopping 44.4 tons of synthetic resin to complete the cuboid. Since the first reveal of The Amber Cube at NAIAS, it has been shipped to various parts of the world where the new-generation G-Class has received its regional debut.

Mercedes has already extended the G-Class family beyond the regular models by introducing the G63 at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Regular production kicked off in Austria and there are already talks of a hotter G63 S and a luxed-up Maybach derivative. Meanwhile, the diesel-powered G is slated to go on sale in Europe before the end of the year.

The rollout of the new model doesn’t spell the end of its predecessor as it’s still available in some parts of the world, like Germany, Australia, and the Middle East, as the bare-bones G-Class Professional based on the 1990 model.

Video: Mercedes-Benz

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