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Being fortunate enough to own a Ferrari 812 Superfast and somehow finding the grand tourer unsatisfying is hard to fathom. However, the lucky few aiming to get a little more from their Ferrari can check out the new upgrades from German tuner Wheelsandmore

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The performance upgrade comes from a revised exhaust that comes in either stainless steel or Inconel – a 
lightweight nickel-chromium-based super alloy. The part includes sport catalytic converters and a valve inside for tweaking the sound. The result boosts the 6.5-liter V12 engine's output by 20 horsepower (15 kilowatts) and 11 pound-feet (15 Newton-meters) of torque over the stock 789 hp (588 kW) and 530 lb-ft (718 Nm). The relatively small improvement shouldn't change the grand tourer's ability to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 2.9 seconds, but it does produce quite an impressive noise.  The video below highlights the exhaust's sound on a F12tdf, which uses a 6.3-liter version of this V12.

The upgraded exhaust is a pricey upgrade. The stainless steel version goes for 9,655.46 euros ($11,906 at current exchange rates, and the Inconel variant costs 15,545.38 euros ($19,167). If buyers have Wheelsandmore install the part, then the firm charges 1,511.76 euros ($1,865) for the service.

Gallery: Ferrari 812 Superfast

Wheelsandmore offers two suspension kits for the 812 Superfast for tweaking its already sharp handling. The basic version only consists of 30 millimeter (1.2 inch) lowering springs for 1,007.56 euros ($1,242). Alternatively, combining these springs with a hydraulic lift for easily negotiating speed bumps and other obstacles costs 5,033.61 euros ($6,205).  

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True to the company name, Wheelsandmore also has a pair of wheel designs available for the Ferrari. One set has forked spokes, a concave face, and central locking. The other forged wheels have six pairs of spokes. Both styles cost 12,596.64 euros ($15,527) per set.

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Gallery: Wheelsandmore Ferrari 812 Superforte

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Oops they did it the first tuning company in the world!

The crew of Wheelsandmore did not hold back from the currently sharpest weapon born in Maranello, the strongest 12-cylinder engine with 800hp and presents fine upgrades that will be at least as unreasonable for the "average citizens" as the car itself.

800hp and 718nm are ready from stock to teach the customers fear by accelerating and heading the curves. The state-of-the-art assistance and control systems take the driver unnecessary excitement and tension and make the 812 Superfast amazingly tradable.

Where many other manufacturers are implementing larger turbochargers in downsizing delusions with less and less capacity, Ferrari remains with the V12 engine and that's a good thing. Ferrari deliberately designed the 812 Superfast with a restrained exhaust system to create the perfect mix of sporty and everyday usability. Wheelsandmore´s first tuning component to improve sound and power is a handcrafted valve flap exhaustsystem with sport catalysts and x-pipe, which was developed in cooperation with the european exhaust system manufacturer Kline Innovation and comes optionally made of ultralight Inconel 625 or typically made of finest stainless steel.

With the exhaust the Ferrari 812 Superfast becomes a hellish roaring formula-1 grenade. Optimized flow and diameter ensures additional 20hp und 15nm of torque.

A sample video of the nearly identical Ferrari F12tdf system can be found >> here <<

The tuner and wheel manufacturer is showing 2 different wheel designs for the 812 Superfast, on the one hand the concave model F.I.W.E with central locking optics which was released last year and on the other hand the world exclusive new wheel design "FORK" which was specially designed for the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The exclusive forged wheel design is coming with some new innovations, such as a real oem style central lock application and with directional wheel centers for left and right installation.

As always the wheels are crafted by hand on order and according to customer´s options in color and surface.

Both wheel models are offered perfectly suitable for the Ferrari 812 Superfast in the following dimensions:
Front axle: 10,0x21 with 275/30/21 P Zero tires by Pirelli
Rear axle: 12,0x21 with 325/30/21 Pirelli tires or with 12,5x22 inch rims and 335/25/22 tires

Wheelsandmore is currently satisfied with the engine power and keeps hands off the remapping of the ecu as the aerodynamically perfect ingenious vehicle concept is completely convincing so far.

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