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Well, it's looking more and more likely now that the Ferrari 599XX will eventually make its way down the production pipeline and roar off onto the public roads for us mere mortals to bear witness to and stare at in awe.

Our photographer asserts that Ferrari will indeed be bringing the 599XX to the streets. A confirmation provided by Ferrari while these pics were snatched of the 599XX doing some testing at the Italian car maker's own Fiorano test track.

Notable differences from the concept version Ferrari unveiled at the Geneva auto show in March include changes to the air inlets and outlets as well as the rear wing.

Details on outright performance remain few but the 599XX will be a top Ferrari performer, no doubt. It will come with a full slate of F1 derived technologies, including something called High Performance Dynamic Concept, which is an electronic control system that maximizes the car's mechanical potential in achieving lap times on the track.

The 599XX will also come with some highly advanced aerodynamics, including a system Ferrari calls Actiflow, to provide down force on the 599XX at the rate of 280 kg at 200 km/h and 630 kg at 300 km/h.

Horsepower will be in the range of 700 hp with an engine that top-revs at 9000 rpm.

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