Seats are also a buck, but other available option groups can turn the demonic Challenger into a civilized driver.

True to the word, the world’s fastest quarter-mile production car as certified by the National Hot Rod Association does indeed check in well under $100,000. In fact, the $84,995 base price for the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon includes a $1,700 gas guzzler tax, with a $1,095 destination charge being the only fine-print add-on. Furthermore, most of the desirable options – including the all-important Demon Crate – can each be had for just a single Washington greenback.

As far as those “desirable options” go, they include a cloth passenger seat, cloth or leather rear seat, trunk carpeting, and the Demon Crate, which Dodge says contains $6,140 worth of parts and tools. The performance items in the crate include the skinny drag-spec front wheels and tires, conical air filter, two valve stems, a passenger mirror block-off plate, a replacement instrument panel switch with the high-octane button, and the all-important performance PCM needed to unlock the Demon’s 840 horsepower.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Options
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Options
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Options

Tools include a hydraulic floor jack, cordless impact wrench with charger, a torque wrench, tire pressure gauge, fender cover, and a tool bag. The Demon Crate also includes a special foam case that installs neatly into the Challenger’s truck to hold the drag wheels and track tools.


Furthermore, most of the desirable options – including the all-important Demon Crate – can each be had for just a single Washington greenback.


If we total everything up to make the Demon passenger friendly with its full performance potential, the price comes to $86,094. That’s a heck of a lot of coin for a Dodge Challenger, but considering all the drag-specific features it has – line lock, transbrake, drag-tuned suspension, the nifty After-Run Cooler – it suddenly doesn’t seem so crazy. Ask anyone who’s built a proper drag car just how quickly things add up, and don’t forget – Dodge offers all this with a full factory warranty, including three years / 36,000 miles for the car and five years / 60,000 for the powertrain.

But wait, there’s more.



For those who want more than a Demon with seats, Dodge offers a range of option packages that can make the ferocious drag racer downright livable for every day use. The Leather Front Seat Group for $1,595 will add leather heated/cooled seats up front with floormats, bright pedals, and a heated steering wheel with power tilt/telescoping functions. The $995 Comfort Audio Group will give you an 18-speaker Harman Kardon 900-watt sound system with dual subwoofers. Combine the leather and audio packages for $2,495, and if you “must have a sunroof” (Dodge’s words, not ours), it’ll set you back $4,995.

Outside, Dodge will paint the Demon your choice of 15 different colors. If the flared fenders with the massive hood scoop doesn't satisfy your need to stand out, an optional $3,495 Black Satin Graphics Package will turn the hood, roof and decklid black regardless of exterior color. And since the Demon will likely become something of a collectible item, owners will have a variety of neat tidbits like special manuals, documents, and their names attached to Demon Crates, provided they shell out the extra dollar for the option.


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It seems a no-brainer that buyers will opt for the seats and the crate, but the other packages are something of a surprise. Adding the weight of a full leather interior and massive sound system will certainly hurt the Demon’s performance, but it’s easy to see buyers checking the extra option boxes regardless of the consequences. Even well-equipped, the Demon still fulfills Dodge's promise to retail comfortably under the six-figure mark, though with production limited to just 3,300, dealer market adjustments will likely throw all these prices out the window anyway.

Demon production will begin later in the summer, with cars arriving to dealers in the fall.

Source: Dodge

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