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Let’s be honest – we will never try putting our own cars into Reverse while driving. We kind of love them too much to be so rude. Thankfully, there’s someone out there who is braver than we are. His name is Mike and he runs the AutoVlog YouTube channel.

Driving his 2015 Ford Fusion automatic at 70 miles per hour (112 kilometers per hour) on the highway, he shifts into Reverse and… boom! Nothing happens! Well, not exactly nothing, but there’s no explosion or something like that. And, yes – we expected something spectacular! Instead, the only thing that happens is the activation of the reverse camera and the parking sensors. Oh, and the indication on the instrument cluster shows R instead of D.

Don't Shift Your Car Into Reverse While Driving Forward:

As Mike explains in the video, you could expect very different results if you do this experiment with cars from different eras. Also, if it’s a manual, then we bet there will be serious damage. But again, it depends on how new the car is, as many modern vehicles have a safety feature that doesn’t allow you to shift to Reverse while driving.

A quick look at the other recent videos from AutoVlog shows some interesting experiments. For example, what happens if you push the star-stop button while driving or can you drive without using the gas pedal? And what happens if you pull the electronic parking brake while driving?

Needless to say, don’t try these with your car. At least, if you have feelings for it, as we do for ours.

Source: AutoVlog

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