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Kyle Fortune

Kyle Fortune,


Based in the UK, Kyle Fortune has spent over two decades working as a freelance motoring journalist. He started filling his contacts book and scribbling words at agencies where he managed content provision for MSN Cars and Yahoo! Cars while contributing to many more magazines, websites, and newspapers, before deciding more freedom (and stress) was what he needed and setting up on his own. 

Specializing in early access, prototype and high performance road and race car reviews, interviews and news, his words have been published in Autocar, Auto Express, Top Gear, Edmunds, Wheels, Car, EvoOctane, Motor, and countless other publications around the globe. He’s been a freelance contributor to since the early days of the site, covering everything from the mighty Porsche GT2 RS to Mercedes-Benz’s wild 70’s C111 experimental car.

That broad mix underlines Kyle’s enthusiasm for anything on four wheels, believing in pragmatism just as much as performance when it comes to motoring. He hauls family around in a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, with a Peugeot 205 GTI in the garage (a 1.6, the best one, if you’re asking) for fun. 

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