It's Wednesday, and this week's podcast is extra special. We have performance on our brains, from gloriously retro Porsche 911s to sizzling Audi wagons and V8-powered SUVs (for a little while longer anyway). But it's really special thanks to our guest, Managing Editor Brandon Turkus. He'll have some killer commentary and great stories to tell, and you don't want to miss it.

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Gallery: Porsche 911 964 Dynamics & Lightweighting Study By Singer

You know it's a good show when Singer is involved. The company unveiled its latest reimagining of the air-cooled 964-era Porsche 911, creating a bonkers winged wonder that pulls heavily from the 934/5 911 race cars of the 1970s. It's called the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study - Turbo (DLS Turbo for short) and if there's too much wing for you, Singer will build one only slightly less mad. Either way, you get 700 horsepower to enjoy.

Gallery: 2024 Audi RS6 Performance And Audi RS7 Performance

If you prefer a bit more space in your 700-hp missile, we've got the Audi RS6 Performance destined for US shores. Okay, it only has 621 ponies, but that's still enough to give this evil-looking long-roof legit supercar performance. Such gumption comes at a cost, however – $126,895 to be exact. Sticking with fast vehicles for five people, the Mercedes G500 with V8 power is bowing out for our friends in Europe. Its departure is marked by a special Final Edition model, of which just 1,500 will be made.

Gallery: Mercedes G500 V8 Final Edition

And yes, our friend (and boss) Brandon Turkus is along for the ride. He has some fun stories to share and you know he'll have plenty to say about our topics of discussion. And just to make absolutely certain we have all kinds of fun, we'll also be talking about Porsche CEO Oliver Blume camping at Le Mans in a 911 Turbo S. Sure, rooftop tents are offered for the 911, but do you really want to camp in one?

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