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Yes, we go camper crazy with this podcast, focusing on three very different designs that range from possibly the largest we've seen, down to the smallest, and one that could be just right. However, before we get into the RV world, how about that new Lamborghini V12!

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We know the Aventador's replacement is coming very soon, but Lamborghini couldn't resist sharing info about its powertrain early. It's true that the era of pure combustion power is over for the supercar brand, but with a new naturally aspirated V12 making 813 horsepower on its own, we don't think anyone will mind three electric motors raising total output to 1,000 hp. It sounds so good, it almost makes you want to live in the car.

That's exactly what a YouTuber is doing with a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, and we aren't just talking about a pillow and blankets for the back seat. The 'Maro's back seat isn't big enough to sleep on anyway, which is why this legit camper-converted Camaro ditches the back seat for a single seat next to a small bed that extends into the trunk. Meanwhile, the passenger front seat is replaced with a cabinet and a sink. We don't know how comfortable such a camping rig is, but it's at least small enough to fit just about anywhere.


If that's too small, we transition to a Volvo semi-truck RV conversion that includes a large trailer, all decked out to be a home on wheels. The entire Camaro could literally fit into the garage of this colossal DIY RV, which features several rooms and two floors connected by a spiral staircase. To bring large and small into balance, we then talk about a new medium-sized RV based on a pickup truck. It swaps the bed for a bolt-on camping module that expands with three slideouts, offering lots of room while still offering a reasonable amount of maneuverability.

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Or, you could get your excitement by ditching RVlife completely and stealing six Dodge Challenger Hellcats in less than a minute. We talk about that viral video from last week in this episode, too.

After gushing over some great photos of the Hyundai N Vision 74 sent in by an awesome Rambler, Bruce and Smith close out the show with a fun cheap camper challenge. It's a built-versus-bought showdown with a few surprises, so you'll want to stick around to the very end of this episode for that.

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