's Jeff Perez is our guest this week, and there's a whole lot of big news to cover. You can watch Rambling About Cars every Friday on YouTube (or the video embedded above). The show is also on major audio services like Apple PodcastsSpotifyiHeart RadioAmazon MusicDeezer, and more. Like, comment, and subscribe wherever you find us. Plus, you can always email us your thoughts:

We kick off the show by looking at the big announcement of pricing for the 2024 Ford Mustang. The cost starts at $32,515 for the EcoBoost coupe and goes to $59,565 for the range-topping Dark Horse. 


We spend some time comparing the new Mustang's price to its primary, American competitors – the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. The Ford is more expensive than the other two. However, it's the newest vehicle of the bunch because the other two are nearing retirement.

Next, we check out the one-off Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer. It packs a twin-turbocharged hybrid V6 IndyCar engine where the second row of seats usually resides. The company is being quiet about what the plans are for this unique machine.

The teaser campaign for the final Dodge Last Call model continues. This time, the evil leprechaun from the previous video returns along with the tinier version. The clip indicates the big one weighs 7.1 pounds more, but we don't know what this means in terms of the actual vehicle. 

The spotlight then goes to Perez. He wrote a story this week about 30 upcoming performance cars. We didn't have time to discuss them all, but we picked out a few highlights like the vehicles on the way from Alfa Romeo and the wonderfully retro Hyundai N Vision 74.

We finish the show with a cheap car challenge. We try to find a Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, or Ford Mustang with a price limit of $5,000. Plus, Bruce cheats and picks a Pontiac Firebird.

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