As you settle in for a holiday weekend with family and friends, we send the fondest wishes from the entire team and the Rambling About Cars crew. Whether you're listening, watching, or reading, we're humbled to be part of your life, if only for a little while.

That's especially true when we can talk about supercars, and monumentally true when we can talk about super jets. That's the second topic of discussion for this special holiday episode, which starts with the Ford GT Mk IV. No, we don't mean GT40 Mk IV – in case you missed it, Ford created a bonkers track-only version of the current GT as an ultimate sendoff to the twin-turbo supercar. It has more aero, more grip, and a lot more power. Exactly how much is unknown, but Ford pegs the figure at over 800 horsepower.

Gallery: 2023 Ford GT Mk IV

On any given day (and quite a few special ones) that would be impressive. But then McLaren comes along and announces a collaboration with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. The mission is to work with the iconic aerospace firm to explore new supercar designs based on complex aeronautical software suites used by the Skunk Works. For the non-aviation enthusiasts out there, the Skunk Works gave birth to some of the most incredible aircraft of all time, including the SR-71 Blackbird – the aircraft that still holds a world speed record of 2,193 mph (Mach 3.3).

The only way to top such news is with information on pricing for the 2023 Toyota Prius. That might seem anti-climactic, but with the Prius getting rave reviews for styling, it's an attainable machine for the masses that's only slightly more expensive than the outgoing model. But to make sure folks stick around for that bit of news, Smith keeps his promise by drinking a shot of properly spicy hot sauce mid-episode. Bruce ups the ante by drinking three shots of pickle juice, and Smith counters with a second shot of Los Calientes. We did this to celebrate 400 subscribers. Just imagine what we'll do at 1,000.


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We close this special holiday episode with a virtual gift exchange. How well do Bruce and Smith know each others' taste in cars? The duo pick cars for each other, and if you're a regular listener, you probably know their choices.

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