We don't know exactly how it happened, but this final week of September became an unofficial truck week for Detroit automakers. BMW wasn't having it though, because amid all the heavy-duty truckin' news comes the first standalone M model since the M1. So yeah, it's been a busy week, and there's still more to cover in this week's ramble.

The big news for North American buyers comes in the form of heavy-duty trucks. Ford unveiled its next-generation F-Series Super Duty line, which doesn't stray too far from the previous-gen truck. Ford assures us the 2023 Super Duty is 93 percent new, and we see some of that with a fresh face, updated tech, and a new 6.8-liter engine option Unfortunately, we still don't have details regarding power, towing, or price.


Chevrolet did give us some of that information for the refreshed Silverado HD, which also debuted this week. An updated front clip is easier on the eyes, and there's a bit more power from the Duramax diesel under the hood. The big news is the interior, which gets a much-needed makeover with a handsome design and a large touchscreen in the middle.

And of course Ram couldn't be left out, so this week saw a new 2500 Heavy Duty Rebel trim enter the lineup. Think of it as a Power Wagon with an optional Cummins diesel, and you'll get the gist of why it's special.

Gallery: 2023 Ram Heavy Duty Rebel

And then there's BMW. We knew the XM was coming, and we're somewhat divided on the way it looks. Curiously, this time around it's Smith defending BMW while Bruce isn't thrilled with the XM on the outside or inside. Neither can deny the XM's power, however, especially in Label Red trim. The Z4 refresh provides a welcome distraction from the XM discussion, though it also seems a bit overdesigned at the front. At least Bentley stuck to typical Bentley styling with the updated Bentayga Hybrid, instead focusing on a bit more power and a bit more range.

Gallery: 2023 BMW XM

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