RVing is baked into the American experience like warm apple pie, and it’s become more popular than ever in the era of Covid. Especially for families, traveling in an RV is a safer, easier, and more personal way to see the country than any other form of travel. 

Since renting an RV is now commonplace, we’re going to show you four RVs to rent that are perfect for families of four. RVshare is the largest online peer-to-peer RV rental service around, so we’ve chosen our list from its massive nationwide inventory. We sourced our search near San Diego, California, but you can find these RVs or very similar ones almost anywhere in the country. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that you should look for RVs with certain features that are family friendly. You don’t have to rent these specific RVs to find a great solution for your family, but you should look for RVs to rent that share their features and amenities.

2021 Forest River Sunseeker LE

Top Class C RV To Rent For A Family Of Four
Top C Class RV For Families Of Four
Top C Class RV For Families Of Four
  • Class C motorhome
  • Sleeps 6
  • $199 per night

This is a Class C motorhome, which means it has the front end of a van with the living quarters behind and usually a bed that juts out over the vehicle’s cab. They’re what most people probably envision when they hear “rental RV.”

The Forest River Sunseeker LE is actually specifically designed to be a rental RV, one of the few in the industry. It’s relatively inexpensive but years of evolution have made it both durable and convenient in all the right places for renters. 

Its pros are that it’s small and easy to drive compared to larger RVs, but the cons are that this floorplan doesn’t offer bunk beds for the kids. Generally speaking, you want bunk beds for kids, not dinettes or couches that convert into beds. The latter force kids to share a sleeping space and need to be set up and taken down each night and morning. Longer Class C motorhomes than this one may offer bunk beds, but sacrifice maneuverability for their greater length. Hopefully, your kids are copacetic with each other, though, and sharing a bed would work. 

Click here to rent this Forest River Sunseeker LE or another RV just like it.

2021 Dutchman Coleman Lite

Top Travel Trailer RV For A Family Of Four
Top Travel Trailer RV For A Family Of Four
Top Travel Trailer RV For A Family Of Four
  • Travel trailer
  • Sleeps 8
  • $136 per night

You’ll get a lot more space and comfort for your money renting a travel trailer versus a motorhome, but it comes with the caveat of having to bring your own truck to tow it. Some travel trailers are small enough to be towed by SUVs, but ones big enough for a family of four will usually require at least a half-ton pickup truck to tow. 

A fairly long trailer at 28 feet, this 2021 Dutchman Coleman Lite offers a private bedroom for parents, full kitchen, bunks for the kids, a large bathroom, and an outdoor kitchen. It costs less to rent than the smaller Class C motorhome in our list, and is like a palace inside in comparison.

The only downsides are having to supply your own truck and learn the finer points of towing (particularly backing up), and its greater length may preclude you from staying in some campgrounds and parks that have size restrictions. 

That said, having a tow vehicle is a big plus while RVing because it means you can leave your home at the campsite and drive your much smaller tow vehicle to explore and do errands. Even a heavy-duty dually pickup feels easier to drive than a motorhome when things like parking lots, drive-thrus, and city traffic are considered. 

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2021 Forest River FR3 32DS

Top Class A RV For Families Of Four
Top Class A RV For Families Of Four
Top Class A RV For Families Of Four
  • Class A motorhome
  • Sleeps 9
  • $343 per night

Class A RVs like this 2021 Forest River FR3 32DS are the best to travel in because they offer a spectacularly grand view of your surroundings while you drive, and they’re arguably the most comfortable to be in while moving because of their abundance of comfy seating. 

While generally larger and less maneuverable than Class C motorhomes, Class As compensate by stuffing their insides with every amenity from home you could want. This Forest River model even offers bunks beds for your kids that turn into a hang-out room during the day. 

Class As can be powered by either gas or diesel engines, but diesel-powered Class A motorhomes are generally bigger, more luxurious, and considerably more expensive. Gas-powered models are fine for most, though, with plenty of power to haul your whole family.

Click here to rent this Forest River FR3 32DS or another RV just like it.

2021 Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS

Top Fifth-Wheel RV For Families Of Four
Top Fifth-Wheel RV For Families Of Four
Top Fifth-Wheel RV For Families Of Four
  • Fifth wheel trailer
  • Sleeps 10
  • $195 per night

Fifth-wheel trailers are like regular travel trailers except they connect to your truck via a special hitch that’s mounted in the bed instead of under the rear bumper. This makes them more space efficient as well as easier to drive, but you’ll need a tow vehicle with a hitch made especially for a fifth wheel. Because of a fifth wheel’s larger size and weight, you’ll also need a three-quarter or one-ton heavy duty truck, as well. This is why they’re a bit rarer to see on the road. 

Still, if you’ve got the truck and hitch, models like this 2021 Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS are great options to rent for a traveling family. It’s got a private bedroom for mom and dad, separate bunks for the kids, an expansive bathroom, full kitchen, and a living room with a couch and large screen TV.

Thanks to the fifth-wheel’s gooseneck design, it all fits in a shorter overall length (tow vehicle included) than a typical travel trailer. Not everyone’s got a one-ton heavy duty truck with a specialized hitch lying around, but if you do, these RVs are a great option that usually cost only as much or sometimes even less to rent than much smaller motorized RVs with their own engines.

Click here to rent this Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS or another RV just like it.

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