It's podcast time, and for the 25th episode of Rambling About Cars there are all kinds of new vehicle debuts to discuss. Actually, new might be stretching things a bit since the next-generation Toyota Tundra is the only vehicle that's completely new. Porsche unveiled a new version of the 911, Jeep unveiled a new version of the Wrangler, and Honda unveiled a new version of the Civic. Of course, it's not nearly that simple.

That's why Bruce and Smith take a deep dive into these four machines, starting with the Tundra. Toyota's long-awaited pickup truck wasn't supposed to debut this soon, and technically speaking, only the exterior was officially unveiled. However, that only happened because images allegedly leaked from a dealership tore through the internet like a cocaine-fueled cruise missile. The leak was so big it actually garnered an official response from Toyota that included a crystal clear image of the new Tundra. Well played, Toyota.


Then there's the Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package. It's not a new vehicle, or even a flashy special edition model. It adds 35-inch tires to a stock Wrangler, and that's pretty much it. Clearly, Jeep harbors some deep insecurities regarding the Ford Bronco and its Sasquatch Package, or so says Smith in a mini-diatribe about how pathetic Jeep looks right now trying to chase Ford. Fortunately, the fantastic Porsche 911 GTS comes up for discussion to make everyone happy again, not to mention the unveiling of the new Honda Civic Hatchback.

2022 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS Rear 3/4
2022 Honda Civic Factory Accessories

After sharing and discussing some reader comments, the Chris's dive into summertime automotive activities with a focus on two things: drive-in movies and car shows. Every single car-crazy person out there has either visited or participated in a car show, but not everyone has experienced the wonder of a drive-in movie. Smith shares his drive-in experiences (which might grow this weekend with a late-night showing of Fast 9), while Bruce gets nostalgic on a car show visit that nearly led to the purchase of a sweet classic ride.

Bruce and Smith want to hear about your car show or drive-in experiences, provided they're at least PG-13. Actually, they want to hear about the R-rated experiences too, but they can only share the family-friendly ones on the air. Hit them up with your greatest hits in the comments below, or through email:

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Rambling About Cars Episode 26 Preview:

It's high time we talk about flying cars, or as some people might call them, airplanes. Bruce and Smith have some very strong opinions about the current push by some brands to reach skyward with airborne "cars," and the gloves are coming off. This, plus insight on current automotive news with a perspective only the Chris's can deliver. Don't miss it.

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