It's podcast time! This week, we dedicate a large portion of the episode to you, the Rambling About Cars listener. We had a backlog of questions and comments from you folks, and we wanted to answer them.

Before getting to the questions, we address a topic after weeks of delays: the death of affordable convertibles. The Mazda Miata is currently the least expensive new droptop you can get in the United States, but the Ford Bronco isn't too far behind it with a base price of below $30,000. 


Smith and I get into a debate about whether vehicles like the Bronco and Jeep Wrangler should count as convertibles. I think they absolutely are, and Smith disagrees.

We also get into the loss of non-sporty convertible cars. For example, Smith grew up with a massive droptop Cadillac. By our reckoning, the last affordable one of these in the US was the Buick Cascada.

Then, it's time to get to your questions. Smith and I put on our auto executive hats and discuss what we'd do to revitalize Alfa Romeo in the next 10 years. We also compare the Ford Maverick to the Explorer Sport Trac.

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Rambling About Cars Episode 24 Preview:

It's summertime so we're going to talk about the fun things to do with your car when the weather is warm. We want to talk about things like going to car shows or races. Plus, there's the fun of attending a drive-in movie or going out for ice cream.

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