2018 Porsche Macan Turbo Review: Sports Car On Stilts

Verdict 7.0 / 10

– Los Angeles, California

Believe it or not, there are still people in this world who hate the idea of the Macan. “It’s not a real Porsche!” You’ve no doubt heard this before. But I’m telling you, the Macan is as much a proper Porsche as any other car in the company’s lineup. And it takes about 15 minutes behind the wheel to realize that.

That’s especially true with the range-topping Macan Turbo. A potent biturbo V6 offers tremendous power, and underneath that functional body, there’s a wonderful chassis, exquisitely tuned to make this one of the best-driving SUVs on the road today. As for this version, equipped with the Performance Pack... well, let’s just call it a Macan Turbo S. It’s an absolute gem.


Of course, it’s not perfect. As you’ll read in the sections below, the Macan’s performance and luxury come at a big cost. My gut tells me this car deserves at least a 9/10 rating, but in the context of all SUVs – even luxury ones – the Turbo’s incredible performance can’t completely make up for its high cost and low fuel economy.

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