The Geneva Motor Show is the best place to catch the world's newest supercars, and the 2019 show was no different. We did the math, and found that the 18 cars featured generate nearly 17,000 horsepower. That works out to an average of nearly 900 horsepower each. But more surprising than the power on display was the variety of way these cars produce it.

At Geneva, gas-only cars mingle with all-electrics, while plug-in hybrids are common as well. But the tides are turning. The most powerful car on display at this year's show wasn't the thumping 16-cylinder, quad-turbocharged engine from the new Bugatti La Voiture Noire. That car wasn't even in the top three. Instead the Rimac C_Two and the Pininfarina Battista took the top spots, with third position going to the 1,600-horsepower (1,193-kilowatt) Koenigsegg Jesko. The Bug came in fourth. But no matter how you rank these vehicles, this list serves as yet another reminder that we're living in a performance Golden Age.

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