From the Ford F-150 electric to the promised Tesla pickup, these are the pickup trucks to start saving up for.

The truck wars are heating up, and manufacturers will introduce new and exciting pickups across multiple segments in the coming years. Along with typical full-size and heavy-duty truck options, look for a renewed interest in the compact and mid-size segments from automakers such as Ford and even Hyundai.

Meanwhile, we anticipate more pickups will embrace unibody construction, leaving the Honda Ridgeline with more formal competitors in the coming years. Of course, performance remains key to the pickup's future, and those more eager to plow through tough terrain than haul huge loads will be glad to know the segment adds a handful of off-road-ready competitors to the likes of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and Ford F-150 Raptor.

Likewise, electric motors and bigger batteries will continue to find their way into pickup powertrains. The additional low-end torque and inherent efficiency of these new powertrains are sure to provide these workhorses with the tools necessary to easily haul heavy loads.

Yes, the pickup truck’s future looks bright, so click through to see what new pickups will be available in the coming years.