There are lots of celebrities with acres of cool cars, but often times we can’t help but think they’re just buying up snazzy rides without any sense or appreciation of what they are. We don’t get that from comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, and we’ll be honest – we’re beyond jealous of his car collection. He owns a wide range of vehicles, from properly awesome exotics to serious muscle cars of past and present, not to mention a pair of iconic Hollywood superhero rides that he actually drives on the street.

However, it’s his off-the-wall automotive creations and often overlooked rides that impress us. He’s said many times that he loves cars that start conversations, and well, there are some in his garage that certainly fit the bill. There are others that could only be owned and loved by a no-holds barred, gasoline-in-the-veins, passionate auto enthusiast, and for that we honor him as a genuine fan of motoring.

Floyd Mayweather may fill his Instagram account with Bugattis, but does he have a 1971 Mercury Marquis Brougham in the garage? Jeff does – and much more besides. Check out the slideshow above to see why he’s our kind of car guy, and when you’re done, his YouTube channel features even more of this crazy car collection. He’s definitely one of the good guys


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