Jeep, Porsche, VW… Apple? Take a deep dive on the future cars we expect over the next two years.

Earlier this fall, we shared our slideshow of buzz-worthy vehicles expected to arrive in 2019, but our readers have made it clear that they’re looking farther down the road. Here, we’ve compiled and distilled all the information we can find on the cars, SUVs and trucks due another year out. The list is short but intriguing, with plenty of new and exciting choices for buyers.

Whether a redesign, variant, or all-new model, we expect these vehicles to show up as part of the official 2020 model year or sometime during the 2020 calendar year. Though we are working with the best information available, these forecasts are subject to change at any time. In other words, nothing is official until it lands in the dealer’s showroom. Based on what we already know, 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

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