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Much discussion has taken place regarding how costly pickup trucks are becoming these days, with somewhere near half of all models being loaded up with luxury features and sold with sticker prices in excess of $50,000. In a separate post, we found the highest priced pickup of all, the Ford F-450 4WD Platinum heavy-duty model could be driven off the lot fully loaded for as much as $87,545, including destination charges.

But that’s nothing compared to how pricey luxury sport-utility vehicles have become, as American motorists are trading in their sedans and coupes in earnest for these more-accommodating tall wagons. We found no fewer than eight brands offering SUVs that sell for well over $100,000, and can expect that number to rise in the coming years as more exotic brands enter the market. The recently introduced Levante has become a major hit for Maserati, and the ultra-plush Bentley Bentayga SUV tops the segment with a burly W12 engine under the hood and a sticker price that starts at around $200,000 and can break the $300K mark. Lamborghini will be joining the fray next year with the Urus SUV, as will Rolls-Royce with its new Cullinan; even Ferrari is reportedly planning a sleek and super-fast SUV of its own for a coming model year.

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Lavishly clad and offering plenty of passenger room, top-priced models come with a full array of upscale accommodations, sophisticated electronic four- or all-wheel-drive systems with selectable driving modes for on- and off-road use, and many of the latest semi-autonomous accident avoidance features.

We’re featuring the 10 most expensive luxury SUVs from as many automakers in the accompanying slideshow, with the costliest model in each line represented. All start at over $100,000. Prices are for 2018 models and include four- or all-wheel-drive, and the manufacturer’s destination charge; they’re expressed as a range, with the first number representing the indicated trim level with standard equipment and the second a fully loaded model with all available (or the most expensive) options and accessories.

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