Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT

After repeated requests by enthusiastic SLR.Club members, Mercedes-Benz agreed to develop a track version of the SLR McLaren super-sportscar - the SLR McLaren 722 GT.

Developed by the British motor racing specialists at RML, the 722 GT has been comprehensively re-engineered for track use with more than 400 new or redesigned components. The 722's unique specification addresses the chassis, suspension, brake, and aerodynamic systems of the already capable SLR.

Each of the 21 SLR McLaren 722 GTs offered for public sale produce 680 hp from their 5.5 liter kompressor V8 engines, and weigh in at 1390 kg (some 600 lbs. less than series production models).

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The 5.5 liter kompressor engine in the 722 GT has been tuned to produce 680 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque, making the 722 GT capable of 0-60 sprints in under 3.3 seconds.

RML gave the 722 GT new uprights front and rear, strengthening the suspension and delivering improved kinematics with better adjustability, allowing the trackside RENNtech technicians to tailor each 722 GT to the owner's unique driving style.

An RML engineered, FIA approved rollcage does more than improve driver safety - the cage works to stiffen the SLR 722 GT's carbon fiber chassis further, allowing for better grip and improved control over wheel movements during cornering, acceleration, and braking.

The 722GT offers a no-nonsense motorsports interior with toggle switches, FIA spec. safety measures, lightweight seats, removable steering wheel with digital data-logger, and more.

Only 21 examples of the SLR McLaren 722 GT will be offered for sale, and only a hand-full of those will be released to the North American market.

Source: Mercedes-Benz press

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