Lancia Montecarlo Turbo Gruppo 5

The Montecarlo Turbo was a Group 5 racer. Fielded by Lancia it won the FIA 1979 World Championship for Makes, 1980 World Championship for Makes and 1981 World Endurance Championship for Makes. Hans Heyer also won the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft in 1980 at the wheel of a Montecarlo.

Being a silhouette car, the Montecarlo Turbo only shared the centre section of the body with its namesake prouction car. Front and rear tubular subframes supported the suspension and housed the engine, still mid-mounted but in longitudinal position. Three engines were used: 440 hp 1,425.9 cc, 490 hp 1,429.4 cc and 490 hp 1,773.0 cc.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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