Peugeot 206 Plus

From Peugeot press: With its size and its price/equipment ratio, Peugeot’s 206+ takes its rightful place in the Peugeot range between the 107, 1007 and 207. The 206+ achieves a good balance between a little urban runabout and a versatile small family car.

The 206+ is thus a "range entry" product, in line with clients’ expectations: a benchmark car, modern and modernized, and above all accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising its appeal. Its interior has been designed with care, with a new "wave-look" dashboard and decorative touches that evoke the motorcycle world.

Its external style is modern, taking inspiration from the 207’s stylish façade. A new bonnet, a new radiator grille and new headlights highlight this stronger personality.

Manufactured in France, at the Mulhouse factory, the 206+ is intended for the core European market. It offers a range of engine options, with a 1.1 l petrol engine developing 44 kW (60 bhp) and a 1.4 l developing 55 kW (75 bhp), as well as a 1.4 l HDi Diesel engine developing 50 kW (70 bhp), keeping the carbon footprint under control thanks to CO2 emissions as low as 110 g/km.

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Peugeot 206 Plus