Automakers like BMW are continuously refining their lineups. One model might not sell as well as it should, forcing the company to take a long look at its products. A new report alleges that the German automaker is poised to revive the 6 Series, which will replace the 8 Series in the portfolio. The same report says BMW will also kill off the XM SUV.

The news comes from Automotive News, and cites an anonymous source in the supply chain industry. The source claims the new 6 will arrive in the second half of 2026, just after 8 Series production is supposed to end. The revived 6 Series appears to serve a similar role to its bigger sibling, with BMW allegedly offering it in coupe and convertible forms. The 8 Series is available in two-, four-door, and convertible body styles.

The 6 Series left the United States in 2019, a year after BMW introduced the 8 Series. There was a sizable price gap between the two models, with the 8 Series starting at over $110,000. The new version will reportedly ride on the automaker’s CLAR platform, which can accommodate gas, hybrid, and battery-electric powertrains.

The BMW XM plug-in hybrid SUV is very new, but AN’s source says the company has no plans to replace it once production ends in late 2028. The plan was to introduce an all-electric version, but that's reportedly been canceled.

However, BMWBlog tosses some cold water on the new report. The publication’s own sources say the company has no plans to reintroduce the 6 Series or kill the XM just yet. A BMW spokesperson told Motor1 "there are currently no plans to reintroduce the BMW 6 Series to the market for model year 2026, despite what is being widely speculated in automotive media circles."

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