Alpina has a power boost for BMW buyers who want a more sophisticated package with M-like performance. The Alpina B3 and B4 now have GT versions that, among other things, add 34 horsepower to the already potent twin-turbocharged inline-six. You now get 529 horsepower, 538 pound-feet of torque, and internal conflict deciding between these or full-fat M Competion models.

If you prefer your fast BMWs with long roofs, the answer could be Alpina. The B3 GT is available in either sedan or wagon trim, and since they're based on the 3 Series versus the M3, you get the smaller grille in front. At 529 hp, both trims are a veritable match to the M3 Competition models. And the wagon in green with Alpina's signature wheels isn't hard on the eyes. If you prefer the big grille, the B4 GT brings the same power in Gran Coupe format.

BMW Alpina B3 GT Touring

Alpina says the power increase comes from revised engine mapping. With Competition power under the hood, the B3 GT sedan can run zero to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds, a small improvement from the standard model. The B3 GT Touring and B4 GT Gran Coupe make the same run in 3.5 seconds. Power still goes to all four wheels through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission.

Visually speaking, you'll be hard-pressed to single out the GT from other Alpinas but it is possible. Look for small canards and a splitter up front, and a redesigned diffuser at the back. It's finished in black to match new exhaust tips. Alpina-specific shades of blue and green are still offered, though you can also select from a wide range of BMW Individual colors. Regardless of the shade, Alpina badging is prominent around the car and inside, you'll get GT script in the company's iconic Oro Tecnico.

BMW Alpina B3 GT
BMW Alpina B3 GT
BMW Alpina B4 GT Gran Coupe

Deliveries of the B3 and B4 GT will begin in November, but you won't find them in North America. As with the standard models, these remain exclusive to Europe. If you're reading from across the pond, pricing starts at 101,700 Euro for the B3 sedan and 102,900 for the Touring. The B4 GT Gran Coupe is the most expensive, starting at 105,100 Euro.

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Gallery: BMW Alpina B3 GT And B4 GT

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