Ram's short film to launch the RHO wasn't a simple shoot with a few cameras in the desert. It featured several trucks, famous racing drivers, a Hollywood movie star, and Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis showing off his awkward acting chops as the "boss." It also featured a couple of dirt bikes, one of which apparently had a hidden message about a future Ram truck with a whole lotta horsepower.

Don't feel bad about missing it. The Easter Egg in question is the dirt bike that doesn't have any number affixed to it. Meanwhile, the other bike wears 540—a nod to the 540-hp twin-turbocharged I-6 engine in the new RHO. As for the blank bike, it "has a number intentionally left blank for the next Ram High HP vehicle with three letters." That's a quote from Jeff Summers, the head of advertising for Ram who shared a post on LinkedIn explaining the video in detail.

It's not a direct confirmation of a new TRX, but it clearly points to a future Ram with gobs of horsepower, presumably more than the RHO. Ram has been non-committal on the subject up to this point, though the company has made it clear that RHO is not a TRX replacement. Kuniskis stated the TRX name is "on the shelf for a little while" and said it might be used in the future. Curiously, Kuniskis said almost the exact same thing when asked about a future Dodge Challenger. Perhaps navigating the waters of Ram and Dodge in a post-Hemi world is a bit—dare we say—challenging?

In any case, something else is cooking at Ram and Summers suggests there are more hidden clues in the video. With that in mind, we replayed the clip while wearing our sleuthing hat and noticed a few things. A series of numbers occasionally show up on the lower right, looking like official military-type stuff but it also looks like binary code. We ran it through some translators and didn't get anything, but knowing how much Dodge and Ram love to play with numbers, they could mean something.

Ram RHO Easter Egg Screenshot

We also noticed the letters RC and a lightning bolt on the trailer carrying the camouflaged RHO. That could simply be a brand of car trailer, but perhaps it points to an electrified high-performance off-roader. Or maybe the grains of sand have certain shapes that indicate a new high-efficiency Hemi design? Where are our tinfoil hats?

Ram has no official comment regarding anything Summers stated in his LinkedIn post, or on his post in general. Whether we'll get any more clues going forward is anyone's guess.

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