With the first-generation Acura NSX now a certified collector car, it's safe to assume that every running example would have a home in a nice, climate-controlled garage. Clearly that's not the case, going by WD Detailing's newest video. It documents the recovery and cosmetic restoration of an NSX that's been sitting on a plot of land surrounded by forest for the last two years. And it's not pretty.

Two years might not sound like a long time, but with the fluctuating temperatures that come with the changing seasons, there's plenty of opportunity for things like mold to develop in the cabin and creatures to make themselves at home. Even before the car is fully loaded onto the trailer during the extraction, the team notes the horrific smell coming from the interior and sees a mouse appear from under the car and scurry away. Bad signs.

Sure enough, it doesn't take long for WD Detailing to discover a gigantic mouse nest in the trunk area behind the engine. The team said the smell was so bad that everyone had to wear respirators for hours while the garage aired out. Under the seats they found mold and more evidence of mice. And while power-washing the engine bay, another mouse appears and scurries away from the car. Gross. 

But mold and mouse nests are no match for a team of pro detailers. WD Detailing's team makes quick work of all the caked grime on the paint and nasty interior residue, taking the time to remove the seats for a thorough cleaning. The team also polishes the exterior, bringing the scratched, faded black paint back to life. It's an impressive transformation that's incredibly satisfying to watch.

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