BMW unveiled the new 5 Series sedan earlier this year. The G60 generation of the model brought the first all-electric version of the car, the i5, with an available range-topping M60 guise. A wagon variant featuring the same 590-horsepower electric powertrain is on the way next year and it will reportedly become the most powerful member of the 5 Series Touring family. It is not coming to the United States, but another high-powered long-roof 5 Series is apparently planned for US launch.

BMW Blog has it on good authority that the Munich-based automaker has plans to sell the M5 Touring on this side of the big pond. In fact, it will be the only 5 Series Touring to land stateside but it will surely be a very attractive option in the wagon segment. The new M5 range is expected to get a version of the XM’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 with an electric motor. In the super SUV in range-topping form, it generates 738 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. The output should be lower in the M5 Touring but nevertheless, the model is going to be one of the fastest family haulers on the planet.

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In fact, we might have an idea regarding the electrified V8’s output in the M5 Touring. Previous reports have indicated the flagship 5 Series in both sedan and wagon forms should have around 700 horsepower - or a little over that. The i5 M60 Touring, in turn, will be the most powerful member of the regular 5 Series wagon family, and if the numbers are identical to the i5 M60 sedan, the peak power should be 590 hp and 549 lb-ft of torque.

BMW teased the next-generation 5 Series Touring just a few days ago saying the wagon has been designed with Europe, Japan, and Taiwan in mind. The SUV alternative from Bavaria will be offered with a wide range of gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric powertrains depending on the market. The design shouldn’t exactly be a surprise considering the recently leaked patent images, which showed black-and-white renderings of the new 5 Series Touring. As a final note, the M5 Touring will mark the return of the model after the rare E34 and the V10-powered E61.

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