Suzuki, the multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan, has reached a remarkable milestone by achieving a cumulative worldwide car sales figure of 80 million units by the end of August 2023. The manufacturer currently produces vehicles, bikes, outboard marine engines, and others in 15 production facilities around 10 countries. It sells its products in 184 nations across the globe. Of those 80 million cars delivered so far, 36 percent were sold in Japan, 10 percent in Europe, 13.5 percent in Asia, 32.6 percent in India, and 7.8 percent in the rest of the world.

Suzuki's journey to 80 million units began with the launch of Japan's first mass-production mini-vehicle, the Suzulight, in October 1955. The introduction of the Fronte 800 in 1965 marked the company’s entry into the compact vehicle segment, further expanding its footprint in the global automobile market.

Gallery: Suzuki Alto Lapin LC

Suzuki's reach extended beyond Japan with the start of overseas sales in 1959. In 1975, the company embarked on its first overseas automobile production venture in Pakistan, which marked the beginning of a series of successful overseas production expansions. Key milestones include the establishment of production bases in India in 1983 and Hungary in 1992. 

Among Suzuki's lineup of mostly small and compact vehicles, the Alto stands out as one of the brand’s all-time hits. Launched in 1979, the model has accounted for a remarkable 20 percent of the 80 million units sold. 

Accumulation of Suzuki cars

“We are grateful to be favored by such many customers. Alto is our top-selling model, and it has played a very significant role in Suzuki’s mini vehicles as well as in the history of the company itself. We will make further efforts to provide value that expresses our manufacturing core of “Sho, Sho, Kei, Tan, Bi (Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, Beauty)” by standing once again on the origin of “customer-focused value”, a spirit which has been passed on from our founder,” Suzuki’s president Osamu Suzuki comments.

As the automaker celebrates its 80 million-unit milestone, it is also looking forward to the next generation of one of its most important modern models. The third-generation Suzuki Swift, introduced in 2016, is poised to make way for a next-generation model and ahead of the official unveiling, a concept car was showcased just a few days ago, hinting at what's to come.

While officially labeled a concept, this vehicle appeared to be a close preview of the forthcoming production model. Familiar yet evolved, the concept car introduced notable changes, including repositioned rear door handles, fixed glass in the rear doors, and a prominent character line extending from front to rear. Additionally, the "Hybrid" badge on the front fender and side mirror-mounted cameras hint at Suzuki's plans to offer an electrified powertrain for the car.

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