School bus camper conversions are certainly popular, but we don't see quite as many do-it-yourself box truck builds. At a glance, one would have no idea this plain white Isuzu was anything more than a well-used work rig. That's exactly what the owner of this camper wants people to think, because the interior is about as far away from work as you can get.

Shared on YouTube from Tiny House Giant Journey, it's the full-time home for builder Luke and his daughter. It actually came together four years ago, and thus far Luke has around $54,000 invested into it. That includes the rig itself, a 2007 Isuzu NPR and yes, it's four-wheel drive. The cab isn't super luxurious, and he concedes that things can get a bit noisy while traveling. But it's an analog 4WD system and the engine is super easy to service when needed. That makes it surprisingly capable in urban environments where a smaller turning circle helps, and off the beaten path as a legit overlanding RV.

Isuzu Custom Camper
Isuzu Custom Camper
Isuzu Custom Camper

But you didn't click this video to learn about the mechanicals. Luke built the living space from scratch with the intent of making it an all-season home. He and his daughter love the outdoors, so mounts for bicycles and skis are built right into the structure near the front and rear doors. As such, instead of a garage space at the back you'll find a removable table and a futon that converts to a queen bed. The open space also gives this rig a massive glass door that's revealed when the standard-issue cargo door is up. As an extra bonus, an electric lift ramp normally used for loading cargo now functions as a back porch.

Moving forward, the kitchen area makes use of a large toolbox that doubles as cabinet space with a countertop. An old-school entertainment center is repurposed as storage for the refrigerator and electrical system, including a bank of batteries and a 3,000-watt inverter. Across from that is a sink and two-burner gas stove, complete with a hood vent. This is also where you'll find the wood stove, which Luke says is more for ambiance than functionality. It's not the first time we've seen a wood stove in a camper, and it's certainly capable of pumping out some heat.


The front of the camper serves as the main bedroom with two large beds for Luke and his daughter. It's also the location for the fully enclosed bathroom featuring a spacious shower and a toilet with a bidet. Three tank heaters keep water warm in the winter, powered by a huge propane tank that seldom needs filling.

According to the video, keeping the Isuzu's exterior looking like a worn work truck is key to parking in places where normal RVs would be chased away. The downside is a lack of windows unless the cargo door is opened, but Luke says the stealth aspect is vital to really being comfortable in pretty much any location. We'll say this much: It's certainly one of the coolest Clark Kent/Superman camper builds we've seen.

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