Ferrari unveiled the 812 Competizione in May 2021 as the most track-focused version of the 812 Superfast with powertrain and aerodynamic upgrades. While both the Competizione and Competizione A (A for Aperta or convertible) variants are sold out, the Italian marque debuts a one-off model that is going to be auctioned for charity.

Inspired by the concept of a "blank sheet," the Ferrari Styling Center embarked on a journey that mirrors the inception of every new model. This means ideas, insights, and notes were sketched on yellow cardboard, forming the foundation for this bespoke creation.


The focus of the design tweaks is the matte Giallo Tristrato yellow exterior color. The body is a canvas that plays host to the creative genius of Ferrari's chief designer, Flavio Manzoni. The lines and contours of the 812 Competizione come to life with a finesse that only Manzoni's mind could envision. What makes this particular creation even more impressive is the use of matte Nero DS Sketch, tracing the chief designer's most iconic details. This dynamic interplay between matte tones adds depth and character to a design that is already remarkable.

It's important to note that while this supercar is a bespoke creation, no mechanical upgrades have been applied to the vehicle. The performance pedigree of the Ferrari 812 Competizione remains intact, which means there’s a more potent iteration of Ferrari’s 6.5-liter V12 engine under the hood. In this upgraded application, the powertrain is good for 819 horsepower at 9,250 rpm, propelling the 812 Competizione into an elite league of performance. 

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Ferrari has decided to auction this one-off track-focused supercar for a noble cause. The car will be sold at the Ferrari Gala in New York City this fall, with all proceeds going to charity but the automaker hasn't said what's the cause yet. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity not just to own a rare piece of automotive history but also to contribute to a meaningful endeavor.

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